Centar Modernih veština

Centre of Modern Skills


Center of Modern Skills has been working on changing the society by investing in socially engaged people through programs of non-formal education and public advocacy.

Special attention is given to improvement of communication-based knowledge and skills and adoption of social democratic values and policies. Guided by values of democracy, the Center is fighting for more humane society of European standards.


Center of Modern Skills aims to be the most influential organization in the area of political education, establishing of practice of responsible civil participation and accomplishment of social justice.


Political Communication and Social Democracy

If there is a trade mark of Center of Modern Skills, then it is the program of two-semester education in political communication and social democracy. This program is well known among young people, especially among those who had already chosen the social activism. The Program has a tradition but is turned towards modern flows and has been transforming in accordance with the development of the society and newly stated needs of young people to participate in it more actively. With special pride we are pointing out that, thanks to patronage of Friedrich Ebert Foundation, this Program is completely free for the students.

Bringing Municipality toward the Citizens

Bringing Municipality toward the Citizens” is the program we had launched back in 2003, as a part of permanent efforts in capacity raising and public administration reform in Serbia. This, certainly, is one of the programs with longest undisrupted duration which states the constant need for development in this area in local self-governances but also the permanent determination of the Center of Modern Skills to standardize the field of communication between local authorities and citizens. The goal of the program is to provide the employees in local self-governances the experts’ support for successful and efficient communication with local community, improvement of media coverage of activities of municipalities, departments and services they are responsible for, as well as for overcoming of the problems they are facing on daily basis.

Our team

Center of Modern Skills consists of group of people who believe that a life-long education and good communication can achieve the changes necessary for strengthening democracy and progress of our society in whole. We have a common belief in social democratic values ​​- freedom, justice and equality.

We have been working together for over 10 years, so we’re experienced, well-coordinated and well-organized. We love what we do, we strive to our work to be fun for us and that’s why we are laughing a lot.


According to the Center’s activities and affinities, we’ve arranged our functions.



Miloš Đajić

President of the Steering Committee of the Center of Modern Skills




tamara Tamara Jovanović

Administrative Manager






Marija Radivojević

Public Relations Manager







Dragoslav Danilović

Project Coordinator




The Center has a large number of collaborators, experts in their fields who are engaged in our projects, primarily as lecturers or trainers. Also, there are many volunteers who unselfishly help whenever its required.

If you want to volunteer at the Center of Modern Skills, please fill in the form. Also, if you think that you can get involved in the work of the Center, you can send your CV to our e-mail: office@cmv.org.rs.


Program activities and institutional development of the Center of Modern Skills during the 2010. was supported by: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, International Institute “Olaf Palme”, Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Alfred Moser Foundation, Ministry of Youth and Sports, the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, the Balkan Trust for Democracy, the Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade.



Demokratija u digitalnoj eri

14. 05. 2018.

Nastavljajući odličnu saradnju sa banjalučkom kancelarijom fondacije Friedrich Ebert treneri Centra modernih veština su uzeli učešća u I modulu ovogodišnje trinaeste “Političke akademije”. “Političku akademiju” zajednički organizuju Centar za studentsku demokratiju, Nezavisni univerzitet Banja Luka i fondacija Friedrich Ebert. Ove godine na Političku akademiju je primljeno 37 učesnika i učesnica nakon sprovedenog otvorenog konkursa. Akademija je […]

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23. 03. 2018.

Ovog 8. marta 2018. godine nije organizovan uobičajeni protest niti je to bilo uobičajeno obeležavanje Međunarodnog dana žena u svetu – ovog 8. marta ceo svet je pisao o Madridu, ali i drugim gradovima širom Španije i onome što se događalo neposredno pre i posle ovog  8. marta. Osmi mart i podsećanje na rodnu neravnopravnost […]

Prvi seminar u Albaniji

19. 03. 2018.

Centar modernih veština je prvi put bio pozvan da drži seminar u Albaniji. Na poziv NDI Albanija Miloš Đajić je u Skadru od 16. do 18. marta održao trening “Strateško planiranje i planiran je komunikacije”. Seminar je organizovan za Forum mladih LSI (Socijalističkog pokreta za integraciju), veoma aktivne organizacije mladih na čitavoj teritoriji Albanije. LSI […]

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